Referred Member's Loss/Net Revenue Total Active Players Commission Rate
1 - 9,999 3 - 9 Players 25%
10,000 - 49,999 10 - 15 Players 30%
50,000 - 99,000 16 - 25 Players 35%
100,000 and above 26 and aboves 40%
  1. Affiliates would start at 25% initial Commission Rate as long as they reach the required total Active Players and Net Revenue, the more active players and revenue BetVision generated from their players, the higher their commission rate would be.
  2. BetVision will pay the affiliate a percentage of their total monthly revenue. The percentage will depend on their perfomance during the month they're actively referring players. Their scale rate will be reviewed every month and may be upgraded or downgraded based on their performance.
  3. All BetVision affiliates would be subjected to promotion/bonus cost incurred by their referred member. The cost will be deducted from their monthly revenue by the end of the month. These costs may include the following: Promotional Bonuses, Transaction Fees, Risk and Fraud Fees and Royalty Fees.
  4. All negative revenues incured for any given month will be carried over to the month after.
  5. All Referral Commission Payments will be due every first 7 working days of the month and will be paid the currency which was selected by you during your affiliate registration. Available currency are (SGD, MYR, RMB, THB & VND)
  6. Commissions will either be deposited into your bank account or on your member account, whichever you prefer would be up to you.
  7. Players or Affiliates involved in a collussion or any other fraudulent activities will be dealt with accordingly. BetVision Affiliate Team will with held their funds or remove the Player and/or Affiliate's account from the list of recorded players and/or affiliates.
  8. Issuance of payment will be every first seven (7) working days of the month.
  9. Failing to continuously promote BetVision by having no new signups and/or by removing marketing collaterals from the affiliate's website will be deemed as a breaching of contract and will automatically lead to the termination of BetVision and the affiliate's agreement. Any further claims on future revenue shares will be deemed void.