• BetVision reserves the right decide whether a specific affiliate applicant is deemed worthy of becoming an affiliate of our brand. Our decision is final and will not be tied to any further negotitions. BetVision will send you an email regarding the results of your application.
  • Affiliates will be supported with issues related to our system, promotional contents and concerns regarding their account for as long as they're in partner with us.
  • BetVision will be committed to constantly improve its products and the quality of its services to serve a better playing environment for its valued members.
  • BetVision assures its affiliate members to always pay them on time and in accordance with the agreement based on the commission structure page. However, BetVision reserves the right to suspend or invalidate the payment if they discover any occurences where in the affiliate agent violates the terms and conditions agreement.
  • BetVision reserves the right to suspend or close accounts of any affiliate member or group of persons acting in an attempt to cheat or commit any kind of violation towards BetVision and its community.
  • BetVision has the right to terminate its cooperation with any of its affiliate members if it deems that the specific agent does not meet the requirements of the Affiliate Program or has violated any of our regulations for affiliates. We will give an advance notice to the affiliate as a warning in order to improve the situation and avoid termination before making the final decision. All noticess will be sent via E-mail to the affiliate's registered E-mail address.
  • Disclaimer: BetVision is not responsible for any legal issues or any kind of other third party activities of any affiliates during the stipulation of this agreement. At the same time, BetVision will not be responsible for any false information or innacurate notifications about policies or promotions of BetVision receive by its affiliate members from unofficial sources.
  • BetVision reserves the right to amend, add or remove any content under the Terms and Conditions. We will be sending a notice to our affiliate's registered E-mail address if and when we make some changes on the Terms and Conditions.


  • Agent's primary responsibility as an affiliate is to make sure to promote BetVision's products and services to potential customers and encourage them to be an active member of BetVision
  • Agent's must only use official banners and links provided by BetVision at all times. Using a different link or banner on the affiliate site will be deemed a violation of agreement.
  • BetVision will not shoulder any advertising expenses made by the affiliate agent. In exchange, agents will receive profit commission based on the performance of their referred players.
  • BetVision prohibits its affiliate agents from sending mass spam messages that have no real value to its customers in any form of channel.
  • Affiliate agents have no right to represent BetVision in any business or personal related transactions to customers and/or third party outsiders.
  • Affiliate agents must use a unique domain for their websites. Agents must not use any domain names that are similar with the domain names used by BetVision.
  • Affiliate's Marketing paraphernalias' such as their websites, blogs, social networking pages, promotional contents thru email, sms, whatsapp and telegram or any other advertising channels must not have the same content or any misleading information. Be advised that all of the marketing paraphernalias' of the affiliates are owned by BetVision for as long its cooperation with the said affiliate continuous.
  • BetVision may end its cooperation to any affiliates if we find out that the affiliate agent's content pages and marketing collaterals were innapropriate. This includes the following: Directed for minors, pornography or any other illegal sexual content, encourage violence, racism, gender inequality, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or any acts that violates the law or commits infringement upon intellectual property rights.
  • BetVision's affiliate program only applies to the potential customers or friends recommended by the affiliate. Accounts created by the affiliate or the affiliate's relative will not be included on the affiliate's referred members' list. BetVision's affiliate team will monitor the activities of each affiliate closely to prevent this kind of abuse.